Market Square

During these troubling times, we are converting our beloved restaurant into a Market Square, where our guest can purchase much needed groceries as well as premade meals, bottled draft beers, cocktails, & wine to enjoy at home

Order by phone and we will have you order ready for you when you arrive


Open 11am to 8pm

Download the full menu down below


Skip the cooking and cleaning. Order off our take out menu

Pub Salad Mixed greens tossed with our house dressing topped with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, mozzarella, and croutons. Half Tray (3-4 people) $14.99

Tomato Bisque 32oz Container $9.99

Buffalo Chicken Wings 12 piece Bone In $12.99

12" Artisian Pizza Cheese $6.99........Pepperoni $9.99

Cheese Burger 4oz premium blend ground beef, cheddar cheese, thousand island on a brioche bun with French fries $6.99

Pub Burger 8oz all natural beef, aged cheddar, red onions, lettuce, tomatoes & house made thousand island on a brioche bun with French fries $9.99

French Dip Marinated tri tip, aged white cheddar, and caramelized onions on a bolillo bun with au jus on the side with fries $9.99

Tri Tip Sandwich All natural tri tip, arugula, blue cheese & a creamy horseradish sauce on sliced sourdough bread with fries $9.99

Pasta & Sauce Choose a pasta; Linguini, Penne, or Macaroni and one of the following sauces:

_______ Marinara Individual $6.99........Half Tray $19.99

_______ Meat Sauce Individual $7.99........Half Tray $24.99

_______ Alfredo Individual $7.99........Half Tray $23.99

_______ Creamy Tomato Individual $7.99........Half Tray $23.99

_______________ Add Chicken Individual $2.99........Half Tray $11.99

_______________ Add Shrimp Individual $4.99........Half Tray $19.99


Grab a bottle of Draft Beer, Crafted Cocktails & Wine and enjoy Happy Hour any time of the day


Fresh local craft beer bottled straight from the keg and into your fridge. Come in and sample before you buy. Bottled in 32oz mason jars. Prices vary. Download the Menu for full list of beers below.


All premixed in Liter Bottles. Just pour over ice. 5 servings per bottle

Strawberry Margarita El Jimador Tequila, Triple Sec, Lemon Juice Simple Syrup, Basil & Strawberries $24.99

Blueberry Lemon Drop Pearl Blueberry Vodka, Lemon Juice Simple Syrup Muddled Blueberries $19.99

Skinny Margarita El Jimador Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, a pinch of Sweet & Low $24.99

Sangria Korbel XS Brandy, Peach Schnapps, fresh berries & fruit, Merlot $19.99

Coconut Mojito Malibu Rum, Ron Rio Rum, Mint Lime Juice, Coconut Water $19.99


Our signature house wine by the bottle. 9.99/bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon ___ Merlot ___ Chardonnay ___ Pinot Grigio


Offering select Produce, Meats, & Paper Goods for sale to the public


Tomatoes 0.99 ea. ___ Cherry Tomatoes 2.79 basket

Yellow Onions 0.49 ea. ___ Avocados 2.49 ea.

Iceburg Lettuce 1.99 ea. ___ Green Leaf Lettuce 1.69 ea.

Red Onions 0.49 ea. ___ Green Onions 1.29 bunch

Hot House Cucumbers 0.99 ea. ___ Zucchini 1.99 lb

Carrots 1.29 lb ___  Caulifower 2.99 ea. 

Brussel Sprouts 1.99 lb ___  Green Tamatillos 1.99 lb 

Oranges 0.89 ea. ___  Lemons 0.49 ea. 

Limes 0.49 ea. ___  Bananas 0.99 lb 

Cilantro 0.99 bunch ___  Italian Parsley 0.79 bunch 

Cantaloupe Melons 2.99 ea. ___  Honeydew 2.99 ea. 

Pineapples 2.99 ea. ___  Strawberries 4.99 basket 

Blueberries 3.99 basket ___  Raspberries 3.99 basket 

Russet Potatoes 0.89 ea. ___  Fingerling Potatoes 1.99 lb 

Broccoli 2.99 lb ___  Peeled Garlic 2.79 8oz 

Mushrooms 2.99 lb ___  Asparagus 2.49 bunch 

Green Bell Peppers 1.99 lb ___  Red Bell Peppers 2.49 lb 

Jalapenos 0.99 8oz ___  Cabbage 1.99 ea. 

Beans 1.59 ea. ___  White Rice 1.99 ea. 


Milk 4.99 gal ___  Unsalted Butter 2.99 lb 

Pepper Jack Sliced 4.99 1.5lb ___  Swiss Sliced 4.99 lb 

Cheddar Sliced 4.99 1.5lb  


Frozen Shrimp 22.99 2.5/b ___  Salmon 6-7oz 4.99 ea. 

House Blend Ground Beef 4.99 lb ___  Marinated Tri Tip Slice 6.99 lb 

Ham Sliced 3.99 lb ___  Turkey Sliced 3.99 lb 

Marinated Chicken Breast 3.49 lb ___  Pastrami Sliced 6.99 lb 

Wings Precooked with a side of Buffalo Sauce 11.99 dozen


Eggs 2.99 dozen ___  Sourdough 4.99 loaf 

Whole Wheat 6.99 loaf ___  Flour 1.99 32oz 

Pasta Linguini, Penne, or Macaroni 3.99 lb  

Toilet Paper 1.49 ea. ___  Paper Towels 4.99 ea. 

Meal Kits

Pub Burger Kit Feeds 4-5. 1.5lb ground beef, 5 slices cheddar cheese, 5 brioche buns, thousand island spread, lettuce, tomato & onions 24.99